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Mortar and dry concrete mixes

No. Product name Scope of use/ Produced in accordance with the standard
1* TORMALT building mortal (G, rec. T3) For general use - construction using all construcion products for bearing walls chimneys in construcion using rocks / SIST EN 998-2:2004; Controled under 2+ system
2* TORMALT plaster PCM (GP, rec.T1) Rough extended mortar for manual plastering of indoor and outdoor wals / SIST EN 998-1:2004; Control under the 4+ system
3** TORMALT screed (CT-C40-F7, rec. T3) Ready- made dry concrete mix for the production of residential and industrial floorings/ SIST EN 13813:2003; Control under the 4+ system
4 C25/30 – Dmax8-Cl 0,10 (TBV – 30 P, rec. 312B) Static reinforcementof the existing facilities, bridges, industrial facilities
5 C20/25 – Dmax8–Cl 0,10 (TBV – 25, rec. 256B) Reconstruction of retaining walls, hydro-technical facilities etc.
6 C16/20 – Dmax8 – Cl 0,10 (TB – 20 P, rec.206B) Protection of construction pits and embankments
7 C12/15 – Dmax8 - Cl 0,10 (TB – 15, rec.156B) Filling empty spaces behind construction elements

The manager of internal production will give you the Certificates with the Declaration of conformity.


* - products packed in natron bags;
** - products packed in natron bags;

In the purchase of products in BIG BAGS, these are filled from 100 kg – 1400 kg.

The structure can be defined by the designer or upon the client’s request.