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Mining and construction services

The Regional Unit Mining and Construction Services implements various projects in a wider market in the fields of tunnel, road, railway construction and the construction and refurbishment of hydropower plants. It performs the closing-down of mining sites, blasting, demolition and geotechnical works, etc.

The activities are divided into:

  • the performance of different reconstruction works on buildings and infrastructure,
  • the construction of tunnels, underpasses, galleries and shafts,
  • the construction and repair of hydroelectricity facilities and landslide restoration,
  • research drilling and boring works,
  • infusion and test drilling of land and the construction of piles using the “jet” system, micropiling,
  • reinforcement of embankments with spray-on concrete, rock-bolting,
  • underwater construction and construction of hydro-mechanical structures,
  • blasting works in various areas,
  • design and technical consultancy services.